Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally Here Comes the Sun!

The sun is actually shining this morning. Todd told me that even in Nevada you got lots of rain on Sunday. That makes for a pretty wet year in Northern Nevada.

Yesterday Devree still vomitted a bit. The nurse thinks she pulled a muscle in her side from vomitting so much on Friday because she is so sore. Devree asked for some mucinex or something to help cut back the thick mucus that is a side effect of the chemo. No word on that. She has lost more weight in here and today they will start giving her the TPN (Total Parental Nutrition) that I need to learn how to give to her. We will have to be here till Thursday or Friday.

Today is the day they give her stem cells back to her like a transfusion. This process is unique to St. Judes for cancer patients. This will help Devree to bounce back after chemo and hopefully help her with her ACN (white blood cell count) that fights off infection. This process smells really bad. I went into a girls room that was getting her stem cells yesterday, and I nearly gagged. The stuff used to preserve the stem cells is just really smelly. Think creamed corn that has been sitting out for too long! Now I know you are saying, "Haven't you been measuring all of the vomit, pee and poop for the last few days?" That is true but I am a real stickler for smells and those things can be gotten rid of fast and then you don't smell it anymore. The smell that has gone bad actually eminates from Devree for the next few days, with her breath, skin and the other stuff we just mentioned. I've got this coconut balm I am going to put under my nose.

Here's to good smelling days in the future!


ShaneWendy said...

You and Devree are amazing people. We love you and continue to pray for you guys. Glad the weather has been great out there. We echo the same weather with Todd. Lots of hugs ahoy from the Payson, Utah Cousins.

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

We hope that better smells come your way, soon. We are hoping and praying that all well go well. We love you sooo much and can't wait until four months are over, and Devree is well.

Love, Craig, Koe, and Kylee

paula said...

Oh Shana, I too am very sensitive to smells so I know exactly what you mean! You two are an incredible example to us all. If you want to add someone to your own prayer list, my mom (Marsha Curtis) could use the extra prayers. She has a mass & spots on her lungs & liver. They are doing a needle biob on Thurs morning. I got the news just as I left my last comment on your blog last week.
The rain was awesome but boy oh boy, has it been windy!
Thanks again for the updates. Hope the stem cell treatment makes a huge improvement and that you feel better soon Devree! Keeping your whole family in our thoughts & prayers!

Hamblin Family said...

Hey Paula, I am sorry about your mom. She definitely will be in our prayers. I know that all of the prayers we receive from all of the people and the temple prayer rolls help us to get through this. Thanks for blogging.

paula said...

Shana, the ironic thing is that she has kept your & Devree's name on the temple prayer roll in OKC ~ she has been a temple worker for a while. The OKC Temple is exactly the same as our Reno Temple, by the way! The Dr's ruled out TB yesterday, we were hoping that is what it was. I've been a stress-mess for a week now. I can only imagine how you have been since it all started with your sweet daughter. Thanks again ~ positive thoughts for all! Can you believe it's still windy here? I'll tell you when it stops : )
XOXO Paula

Lisa Wilcox said...

Devree and Shana it was so good to see you today, and to have lunch with you Shana. Devree I am so sorry that you are going through this. It broke my heart to see you feeling so bad today. I want you to know how much I love you. I know we havn't known each other for very long. But I really do love you and my heart aches for what you are feeling right now. I will keep praying and praying that this will be over soon and you can get back to your cute bubbly self:)

Ky and Tammie plus 7 said...

Hello Sweet Devree and Shana,
I have been keeping up with the blog but bad about posting! Sorry...Life seems to have taken me all over the place lately.
My heart and prayers are with you each day. Devers, you are one tough girl with an amazing heart and personality. You are truly my hero! Shana, as a mom I cannot imagine what you are feelihg however it's very clear to me where Devree gets her strength. You and Todd are strong and set such a good example to her and all of your children.
I wish I could do more than pray..We fasted for Devree as a family Sunday.
We love you, We love you, We love you!
Aunt Tammie and Uncle Ky