Thursday, May 28, 2009

Surprise! Schools out for Summer!

Well according to St. Jude, Devree has sucessfully finished her freshman year. Devree facebooked everyone and said "I wasn't even there!" We have yet to have the official word from Dayton High School Devree is going to still work on her algebra through the summer and maybe some other subjects to be intellectually stimulated throughout these next 3 months.

I discovered that our "glow in the dark" nail polish does really work. It scared me last night. I discovered after my nails have been exposed to bright light and right after I turn off the lights these things glowed in the dark and there it was my nail polish.

We are actually looking forward to getting our chemo done. This means that we will be half way done with this process. We won't have to wait all day long for appointments. Sometimes they happen and sometimes they don't happen. Yesterday I was even getting irritated at the pulmonary guy. And YES! Darcy it is ironic that the guy that tests Devree's lungs is the huge smoker. I guess he doesn't really believe in what he is doing. Anyway we had an appointment at 10 and we kept checking and he wasn't in his little claustrophobic room and 3 times he wasn't in there. So the nutritionist called us in and we go back and he is seeing someone else during OUR apointment time! We had to wait. I know that we have nothing better to do because we are waiting around, but still. Being comfortable back at the Target House is always first on our list.

We got a poster of the Jonas Brothers laminated. The Special edition for Walmart, Seventeen magazine had a cute poster. We are ready to adorn our hosptiatl room.

Life is good and sweet and the no chance of rain is really spitting on us right now. Devree is going to meet some actress from "Medium" that is specifically in the teen room. Devree wasn't going to go, but I told Devree that she could ask her how to become an actress, because that is what Devree wants to do.

President Henry B. Eyring in our first presidency of our church gave a fantastic talk about Adversity. "I bear you my testimony that God the Father lives. He set a course for each of us that can polish and perfect us to be with Him." Boy I feel really POLISHED sometimes!

Hey you Schumanns look at the May issue of the Ensign at page 25. Doesn't that look like Grandma Schumann?


walkinourshoes said...

We sent your package yesterday. So, be looking for it in the next couple of days. We wish you the best, in your next round of chemo. The waiting game is part of the medical practice, didn't you know. We love you and are praying for your well being.

Love, Koe

Darcy said...

That's a great quote by Elder Eyring. I am sure you feel like you're in a rock polisher by now!

PaulaShawn said...

Good thing Devree didn't have that glow in the dark nail polish when she was going through radiation. She could have pulled some mean pranks with that stuff!

Elder Maxwell liked to say, "Ok, Lord, if you want me to learn patience, teach it to me right now!" Maybe dealing with your medical schedule is his demand displaced to you. Like you wanted to learn anything else, you learning-swollen people!

You forget - you are way more than half way done. You started this healing process in January. It's now nearly June. You get done in August. You are so close! You have only 2 treatments left! (We can't count the one coming in a few days cause it's so close that it's almost done) How many do you have behind you, including brain surgery?! You can do this! You're almost there!!!!

Good job on your freshman year! Look at how easy cancer has made your regular life. "Oh, by the way, you're done with all your schooling." You know when you've been walking with a heavy backpack or carrying a child for a long time and then you free yourself from that extra weight and you feel like you are floating, even flying. That's how you will soon feel! The things that normally stressed you out or gave you trouble will seem like a fleck of dust on your back - you won't even notice them.

Enjoy your day!