Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These are the wonderful people who help us in "B" clinic. We are transferred over to B clinic becuase that is the transplant clinic. Because Devree is on chemo now and gets her own stem cells we go to B clinic.

This if Fransje. You say it FRANJa. She is from the B clinic but we got a picture of her in the medicine room because we spend a lot of time there.

This is a student doctor. She did all of the neurological check up on Devree to practice. She hasn't decided what she will go into.

These are the ladies that do our scheduling for the day.

This is Kim our primary nurse at B clinic. She has teenagers of her own she is familiar with the emotional breakouts.
This is Ruth who works all of the time, even weekends and holidays where she makes the big bucks.
So yesterday Devree's hearing was checked again. Before each round of chemo they check everything again. Her left ear has now decreased in the upper levels of hearing that you loose as an adult. No signs of change in her right ear even if Devree had that day where it sounded like a radio trying to tune in. The audiologist does not think the hearing will come back. She said it usually comes back by now.
We got the EKG yesterday and we have pulmonary today. Devree begs me to come back to the tiny pulmonary room, but it makes me claustrophobic and the man that runs the place reeks of cigarette smoke. He literally makes my eyes water because I am alergic to cigarette smoke. But I do it for Devree.
Devree will get her eyes checked today. I will let you know if any changes are there.
Last but not least, Devree starts up school again. Our teacher, Miss Dana with the thick southern accent is no longer there and Devree will have Justin as her teacher. I hope that she will feel up to fininshing up her freshman year so she can start sophmore year in the fall. I have noticed this last little bit that Devree has way more energy and is her sparkling self again. I really am trying to have faith that this round of chemo will go much smoother and she will be able to bounce back quicker.
Here is my quote for the day.This is byElder D. Todd Christofferson. "He will strengthen and finish your faith. He will, by His Holy Spirit, fill you with godly power."
I want to especially thank Cindy for sending the priority package of all of your beautiful photography and what they mean to you. I will really appreciate looking at those in the hospital room.


Darcy said...

So the guy who runs the pulmonary(lung) center is a chain smoker.... that's "interesting" I guess he doesn't really "belive" in lung cancer.
That's too bad for Devree, I hope she defeats the odds... However, it may come in handy in college... she can sleep on the good ear and not hear all the ruckus going on about her!

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

I would be claustrophobic, too. Devree is so brave. We will keep praying that the hearing will come back. Aunt Shana, we listened to the CD. It was wonderful. I have read the "five love languages," book. Craig and I knew each others language, right away. Thanks, for sharing the CD. And, thanks for always sharing a message, at the end of your blog post.

Love, Koe

Catherine said...

Hello and hugs Shana and Devree! We miss you and send our love! Shana I can't seem to locate your email address please email me so I can get it again. Thanks Catherine