Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Party without the person!

Here are Tayzia, Breck, Celest, Talon and Kallie after our wonderful BBQ. Jackson was too busy playing on the playground and going around and around on a 3 wheeler.

We planned to have a wonderful steak cookout and FHE together but Todd and Devree didn'.t get out of the medicine room until after 8 pm. So the Rice's went and visited Devree there. Devree got platelets, blood, ativan, vincristine, andancetron, benedryl and they changed her TPN. Basically Todd and Devree were in the medicine room from 3-till after 8pm. Breck had to cook the steaks and we had rolls, corn on the cob, from us. Celest made an awesome pasta salad and lovely fruit pizza. I had to call Celest to bring steak knives, forks, some worcestershire sauce and garlic powder. Celest brought better paper plates too. So basically she brought just about everything including drinks. It is hard when you are not your real house, because there are always something you are missing.

We had a fine time down in the BBQ area of the Target house and I showed Tayzia, Talon and Kallie all of the new video game areas and the touch table computer with games etc. So when the boys come, we will have cousins over so they can play on all of the game systems.

Shay and Dane are having a blast at Camp Hobe. Koe put pictures of them on her blog. You can click up on the upper right part of this blog and you can see their pictures. Shay was worried that he would be in the same cabin as Dane but was ecstatic to find out he wasn't. Shay has really tried to be more mature and responsible especially since he has to be more in charge of Dane.

This is from Bishop Richard C. Edgley. He tells a story from Pres. Monson about a man affectionately called "Little Ed" because he was small in stature. A retired executive that helped people find jobs. "He showed his love by helping those in need. He restored human dignity, He opened doors for those who knew not how to do so themselves." That is my desire to help my family when they can't help themselves.

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walkinourshoes said...

Wow, you all are having fun. And, Uncle Todd is getting to be part of the waiting game, too. We hope that you can keep having fun and enjoying your time together.

Love, Koe